Review of Electricity Law Report

The Electricity Law Reports (ELR) surfaced at time when our country is at the lowest of consumer rights violations. Especially electricity supply consumers who have been plagued with all manner of exploitation; from estimated billing, epileptic power supply, inflated tariffs and pre-paid meters. Electricity consumers have been sadly relegated to background and this may not be unconnected with lack of adequate information on their rights and how redress can be sought.

I have had the opportunity of litigating in this area and I can tell that the dearth of materials to guide the courts and practitioners contributed to the stunted growth of the field. Hence, it was with great joy that I received a copy of the ELR which is impressive in print, finishing and packaging.

Haven had a cursory look at the pages, the typesetting is impeccable, summarized ratios are easy to ready and user friendly. The team at Probitas Partners, ably led by Mr. ‘Wale Irokosu has made history by delivering this unprecedented publication, at a time when all stakeholders are looking for a pathfinder in terms of consumer rights litigation.

I congratulate Mr. Irokosu and his entire team, on this epoch-making outing.

Olumide Babalola
Author, Casebook on Data Protection


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